Modern Firearms Gunsmith Edition

Modern Firearms Gunsmith Edition

I have implanted all the things I promised to put into the game, after reaching version modern Firearms Gunsmith Edition. 0, I am aiming for improving the system, balance, and distinction within this mod.

That doesn’t mean I will stop adding new things, as long as I found decent models with permission to use, I will still give the audience new surprises. I am not making a fancy skin mod at all, I want to create a new shooting experience for all of you. I am not an expert of background settings, but I do think we always received old-fashioned and improper weapon in the Fallout universe.

Modern Firearms Gunsmith Edition

21 century, but judging by the pre-war weapons that existed, the 21 century itself seemed never existed. I am not living in North-America, yet according to my knowledge, the most popular and wildly used firearm over military and civilian market in the pre-war U.

I used to hate AR series, no kidding. North America, so that is the first thing I made in this project.

I mean, I know what AR is, but WHICH AR exactly is in your mod? With the creation of C. I am forced to be familiar with parent linking system of FO4, even when my first time creating a weapon, there are only few problems appeared.

Also, I have created independent dynamic naming system for all these gunsmith, it may surprise you for a bit I think. Various kind of barrels, besides firearms basic different attributes for each barrel length, only the barrel with RAS system modern you to make additional attachments. Various butt-stocks, magazines, iron edition for fitting your own taste.

Various RAS attachments, but currently most of them are just accessories. Probably they will be functional in the future, eventually.


Modern Firearms Gunsmith Edition

Wild range of randomized spawning, you will hardly get bored with it. Besides MP5, all the NATO rifles with same spec will be allow to reach those modifications.

As well as the COMBO sights, flip them in or out by choice. Indeed, I will not allow you to create those fancy weapons from junk.

A003, each number indicates the creation number, which was listed above. 56 caliber was set to 80, 100 for 7.

39 Soviet caliber, while 7. But BE AWARE that now it may appear in early stage of the game, and your enemies will be more vicious, as you are. Some modifications cannot be re-used even if it is in inventory.