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Скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0


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Скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0

Check the Wiki page to download previous versions. Millénaire is a mod for Minecraft, a 3D sandbox game. It aims to fill the «emptyness» of Minecraft worlds by adding NPC villages to it, with loose скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0-century Norman, Japanese and Mayan themes and additional cultures planned. Villages are populated with men, women and children of various kinds, who perform tasks such as trading with the player, expending current buildings or improving existing ones, cultivating crops such as wheat in Norman villages and rice in Indian ones, crafting tools and powerful amulets, etc.

As the village expends, the number of villagers increases as couples have children who grow up into new adults. Help villages grow by trading with them and be rewarded with unique items such as Normand and Indian food or statues and tapestries to decorate your house with. And if they start liking you enough, they might even build you a house of your own.

Скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0

This installer is not required, but is very much recommended as it makes installing Millénaire faster and simpler, with less risk of errors. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and is compatible with other mods and installers.

Also note that neither Forge nor Millénaire itself are included in the download. Feeling like paying me a cider? Before installing, make sure your saves are backed-up.

I make no guarantee Millénaire won’t damage your saves. Also, future releases might not be compatible with current villages.

Check the Wiki page for older releases. The French and English versions are updated directly by me, others by volunteer translators coordinated by the new Master of Translations. You can check the status of the translations here and email him if you want to help update an existing translation or provide a new one.

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  • He will put you in contact if that is the case.
  • You are not obliged to translate everything!
  • If you do not have time to do everything, send him what you can.
  • A partial translation is better than no translation at all.
  • Open the files using a text editor with proper encoding support, meaning especially not Notepad on Windows.
  • French for the Normans, Hindi for the Indians, etc.
  • You can generate a report on how complete your translation is by setting «generate_translation_gap» to true and launching the game.

This is useful to check for added strings скачать new updates. Send it to him, and thanks! The main minecraft for information on Millénaire is the 0-maintained Millénaire Wiki. It includes FAQs with answers to many 1 questions, a guide for beginners, and many pages of information on the various villagers, для and items from millenaire mod.

The other major information source is the Millénaire thread on minecraftforum. This active thread is read by many experienced players who can help with questions.

Minecraft login and I’ll enable the feature for you. Textures: I am always looking for good artists for Millénaire. Dialogues: the new dialogues feature requires many.

New ones would be welcome. Buildings: new models for existing buildings, or new ideas for lone buildings for example. For ambitious people: new cultures!

The Mayas, Japanese скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0 Byzantines were primarily made by other people. Wiki: the wiki lacks content, and many sections are out of date.

Listen to the villagers discussing their job, life or simply the weather. See what they are doing and what they need in the villages’ centres. Trade with them, to help their villages grow and gain unique blocks, foods and items. Мы готовы рассказать вам о серверах с модами для этой игры.

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Скачать Millenaire для Minecraft 1 0


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